If you haven’t already automated and digitised your KBB business, it’s time to start!

We use technology to automate a lot of things in our daily lives, and our business tools are no different.

The main benefit of automation is saving time, and that has all kinds of positive knock-on effects: 

  • Organised, backed-up data
  • Automatic customer communications
  • Fewer mistakes
  • More time to spend on specialist, personalised jobs
  • Accessible 24/7 from pretty much anywhere

You and your team can take care of routine jobs, ordering, quoting, and more, with one clever system designed specifically for the KBB industry.

These 6 automation ideas are based on my experience working with KBB showrooms and the roadblocks that hold them back.

1. Brochure sending

Manually sending out brochures takes way too much time. You could potentially lose the customer’s interest before it lands in their inbox or on their doorstep.

A lot of KBB businesses I work with rely on someone requesting a brochure. A member of their team sees the request in their inbox, uploads the attachment, and sends it to the customer. If you’re sending out a few brochures a day, those minutes add up.

If your team can’t get to the request for a few hours, or even days, your customer has probably moved onto a different showroom already… 

How to automate it: The brochure will be automatically emailed when someone requests it. Your staff don’t have to get involved, and your potential customer has exactly what they need in just a few minutes. 

2. Appointment booking

You can automate appointments whether you have a physical showroom or go straight to the customer. 

If someone calls to book an appointment and the phone isn’t answered, that’s a prospect missed. Even if the call or email is answered, you still have to go through the calendar and find a time that works for you both. We’ve all felt the frustration of swapping dates over email until everyone’s happy. 

If booking an appointment isn’t simple, potential customers will look for an easier option.

How to automate it: An automated system will connect to your calendar, instantly display when you’re available, and give customers space to choose a time that works for them. It’s a much better experience for the customer because they’re in control, and it’s a better experience for you because your appointments fill up automatically. 

3. Quotations

Some of the KBB businesses we work with are still putting orders and quotes down on paper, mainly because that’s what they’ve always done. They write all the specs down, and that sheet has to be converted into something that makes sense to everyone. 

Using paper doubles effort and wastes quite a lot of time. Plus, it’s easily lost and destroyed. It’s time to start inputting measurements and specifications directly into a system that everyone can use.

How to automate it: Whether a customer comes to you, or you go to them, you’ll be able to create a digital quote that’s accessible to all your staff. You can even populate your accounting system at the same time.

4. Ordering systems

Ordering can’t be 100% automated, because it still depends on what an individual customer needs. However, it’s possible to streamline ordering with a paperless process that works for your business. 

How to automate it: The key is putting the details straight into a digital system. There’ll be no endless form-filling, and you can tell your suppliers what you need with minimal fuss.

5. Customer updates

Have you read my blog about the five stages of a customer’s journey? One of the biggest surprises is what happens when the order goes through. The customer doesn’t sit back and relax, they often worry about speed and accuracy. The finished product isn’t real for them yet.

When a quote turns into an order, customers want to know what’s going on. Currently that involves picking up the phone, checking calendars, and taking verbal feedback, which is quite hard to organise and measure.

How to automate it: With a triggered series of email updates, your customer will know their delivery date, have a direct line to your team, and be ready for their delivery and fitting. No one in your office has to pick up the phone or manually write an email (unless they have some specific help or feedback to give), and the customer can relax.

6. Aftercare

When the order and fitting is taken care of, you’ll probably need to send out a warranty or some information about looking after materials, woods, and work surfaces. 

A kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom is a big investment, and ongoing help and advice is reassuring. We can automate that too.

How to automate it: Each customer will automatically get aftercare information that’s specific to their order. You’ll have a record of them receiving it too, which means far less confusion if they have questions or worries.

Digitising all six of these crucial stages is really good for your business, and for you! You’ll have more time, a more accurate sales process, and happier customers.

These essentials are the tip of a pretty big iceberg though. When it comes to digitising and automating your KBB business, there’s loads of potential. Whatever your biggest time-waster or annoyance, you can streamline it with the KBB Sales Engine. Feel free to comment below or get in touch to tell me about it.

If you want to effortlessly automate your KBB sales and marketing, give us a shout to book a live demo.