The first few months of a business are packed full of things to learn from. So I wanted to tell you about KBB Sales Engine’s first two months, what we’re going to change, and what we’re planning to do more of.

First it helps to know a bit about my background. As well as founding KBB Sales Engine, I run another company called Tribecto Automations, helping businesses automate their sales and marketing with proven strategies.

Through Tribecto, I have worked with clients in the KBB sector and started to understand their specific problems and frustrations. I created the KBB Sales Engine specifically for them. There’s a big need for online sales and marketing strategies in the KBB area, and we’ve already got some really good case studies to show for it.

It’s been a busy few months working with our first clients. Here are three big lessons I’ve learned.


Lesson 1: Be less involved

This one is specifically from client feedback.

We found out that our clients don’t want to be as involved in the process of creating and building their system as we thought. Initially, I thought it would be a great way to get our clients involved with their new system and tailor the automation around what they need.

What we actually found out is our clients want to know what we think it should be. You’re happy to treat us as the experts, which is flattering, and actually makes our life a bit easier too.

We know what the system should look like because we’ve built so many of them, and we can give the best guidance based on what works best.

That was the first lesson – be less involved and command the sales and marketing process so our clients don’t have to.

Thanks to all of our clients who’ve given feedback on KBB Sales Engine so far, it’s always massively appreciated.


Lesson 2: Automate the backend operations

The second thing we’ve learned is that our clients are interested in automating more of their backend processes as well.

The KBB Sales Engine is currently focused on automating:

  • lead capture
  • the marketing nurture process
  • the sales pipeline
  • customer relationship management (CRM)

Our clients want to take things a few steps further when it comes to automation.

We use Ontraport, which is really powerful. Ontraport is great for automating more than just these four things, and our clients want to make the most of it!

Now we’re looking into integrating orders, invoicing, and quoting for our clients too. We want to feed all this back into the KBB Sales Engine so you can see:

  • When a lead came in
  • How they got into the system
  • When they booked a design appointment
  • When they got their quote
  • When they placed an order

We know how much our clients love automation, so we’re planning to make the KBB Sales Engine even more intelligent and powerful in the next few months.

Now, time for the final lesson!


Lesson 3: The KBB Sales Engine resonates with a specific type of customer

Over the past couple of months, we’ve discovered who our clients are and what they’re looking for. Every business goes through this essential process. If you don’t ask these questions, you can end up speaking to an audience that’s disinterested or not even ready to buy.

We were most surprised by how quickly our customer became a refined, specific person. This is one of the biggest things I’ve taken away from the past two months.

Our customer is:

  • Usually male. That doesn’t mean we don’t work with female clients sometimes, but the majority of the industry seems to be male.
  • 28-40 years old. This is a relatively young group of business owners.
  • They know advertising is a need, not a want. They know they have to make some noise about their company and measure the results in an intelligent way.

Customers do a lot of research before they buy, especially when they’re about to make a really big purchase like a kitchen or bathroom. Savvy customers will go online and look at all their options, and our demographic is particularly conscious of this. They want to impress, persuade and educate too.

I’d be happy with whatever demographic KBB Sales Engine attracted, but the main takeaway was getting a detailed understanding of who our target client is. I’m particularly happy we managed it so early on in our development!


What’s next? Turn those 3 lessons into more good stuff for our clients

Out of all the lessons I’ve learned, automate the backend is the most interesting to me right now, because it shows us what we can keep adding to the system. KBB Sales Engine is sophisticated marketing done simply, so if the system can be even more automatic, we’ll make it happen!

Be less involved is great because it allows us to take charge of the process and be a bit more direct. This saves time for our clients, and gives us room to do what we do best.

And knowing our target audience is massive too, because it helps us understand who we’re working with and what they want.

KBB Sales Engine has had an exciting first couple of months. We’re rolling the system out to more clients and we’re on track to get 20-30 showrooms on board by the end of 2019.

What do you think of my three lessons? If you can relate (or think I’ve missed anything important out), feel free to comment below or get in touch. It would be great to hear from you!

If you want to make your KBB sales and marketing effortlessly efficient, give us a shout to book a live demo.